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Angel Valve Vienna, AVVie

Mitral Butterfly

AVVie has developed the Mitral Butterfly (MB) system, a novel innovative solution for patients suffering from mitral regurgitation and subsequent heart failure.


Mitral Butterfly is a hemi valve replacing the function of the native, dysfunctioning posterior leaflet and restores full coaptation with a nitinol-based frame and a pericardial membrane by sliding over the diseased leaflet while preserving the motion and function of the anterior leaflet.

Mitral Butterfly has been designed to prevent unphysiological inflow (regurgitation) caused by diverse pathophysiologic origins like DMR and FMR and to minimize the outflow obstruction (stenosis). The delivery can be done by both minimally invasive surgery and by transseptal delivery.

Adaptive to a wide range of mitral valve sizes and  pathologies mimicking natural function

Compliant Implant​

Atraumatic Anchoring

Designed to match native anatomy

with a small crimping profile

Full Opening

Eliminating residual MR

without the obstruction of blood flow

preserving native anterior leaflet motion

Caution: The device is in the R&D development phase and is NOT approved or cleared by the FDA or any other regulatory body in any region of the world. 

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