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Angel Valve Vienna, AVVie

Meet the Team

Our team's competencies are our greatest asset as we are combining creative vision with long-lasting industry experience. We can transform innovation into a unique clinical product by combining decades of experience in mitral repair with visionary insight using AVVie's system.


Developing new technology is beneficial to the performance of our engineering team. We innovate breakthrough concepts to cure mitral regurgitation from an entirely new perspective by adapting mainstream technological concepts.


The link between different levels of expertise and the interaction between technology providers and the academic field is AVVie's strength, allowing for high level scientific exchange in our team's focus group.

Prof. Werner Mohl


Jozef Tanczos

Chief Scientific Officer 

Ekin Yalcinkaya

Director General Administration

Thananya Khienwad

Director Research and Development

Ziv Yohanan

Director Engineering and Manufacturing

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