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Angel Valve Vienna, AVVie

AVVie will present at London Valves 2023. In the session comprising selected PCR London Valves 2023 Innovation submissions in the Innovation /CV Pipeline, we will present our echocardiographic data using our Mitral Butterfly implant in a passive perfused heart model showing favorable results with this next-gen hemi-valve repair device.

Whereas mitral valve area reduction post TEER devices reduce mitral inflow by up to one-third for 60%, our implant reduces inflow by only 25%. Concomitantly, LVOT obstruction, other sequelae of TMVR, is completely absent with our device. Please stop by and visit us in this hands-on Lab, Sunday, November 19th, between 11.15 and 12.45 #mitralbutterfly @avvie #LondonValves


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